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Our Fleets

We have an exclusive fleet of taxis to take you around the Italian holidays or on tours. Either you would want to travel in a Mercedes, Renault, Ford or Fiat we would have it for you with our Chauffer who is friendly. He will be the best host for you with a pleasing personality. 

The fleet of Transfers taxis includes Mercedes V Class, Mercedes-Benz S Class, Mercedes-Benz E Class, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes Sprinter Opel Vivaro, and Renault Traffic. We also organize special tours for you. Here is a list of what you can opt for with us.

Tailor Made Day Tours

You might be wondering what are tailor-made tours and what we offer with these trips. A tailor-made vacation is personalized for you after analyzing your needs, aspirations, and budget. We first understand your needs and then organize the trip for you. These tailor made tours are customized and exclusively private, which will be organized by a local travel expert who will take care of you for the planning and booking. You can choose to have a local guide, an English-speaking, or a chauffeur who knows your language. The tailor made tour offers more security, privacy, and independence. Your expert guide will be with you at all times and with a 24/7 emergency number. 

Where ever you would like to go in Italy, you will enjoy bespoke day tours, an exclusive traveling that can spell a new meaning. 

Tailor Made Italian Holidays

Tailor made Italian holidays are what you should be looking forward to after the stressful pandemic and for a change. These are about embodying the ancient culture and getting acquainted with ancient artists like Leonardo and Caravaggio. It is of great rich culture, romantic architecture, and heart rendering non-stop beauty. Take a stage From Venice’s gondola dotted waterways and Tuscany painted landscapes and you would want to land on the Amalfi coast, the country is loaded with views and beauty allure. So whatever is your fantasy, we will fulfill for you with our bespoke Italian holidays.

Whether you want to unravel the secrets of Venice or take a short break in Verona or want to discover the history of Bologna, or there are many magnetic appeals to explore, appreciate and enjoy. You can tailor-made the tours with us and make your journey wonderful. 

With a personalized itinerary, you do not have to spend your vacation time making plans on the place to go or the things to do. You also do not have to worry about transfers or tourist scams. We will arrange everything for you. We will also arrange best staying arrangements for you.

Tailor made travel is best when you are traveling with a family or with a group of travelers of different ages. And to keep each one happy could be quite challenging, but as local experts, we can plan trips for you that are flexible and according to your preference.

So contact us for an exclusive package trip that could make your holidaying in Italy amazing, a rendezvous with the most privileged country of architecture, culture, literature, art, natural landscaping, beaches, beautiful markets, and a lot more. 

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Озеро Комо: Белладжио, Блевио, Черноббио, Ленно, Менаджо, Мольтразио, Тремеццо.

Озеро Гарда : Бардолино, Дезенцано-дель-Гарда, Гарда, Гардоне-Ривьера, Лацизе, Лимоне-суль-Гарда, Мальчезине, Пескьера-дель-Гарда, Рива-дель-Гарда, Сало, Сирмионе, Гарньяно, Торболе-суль-Гарда, Арко, Бренцоне-суль-Гарда, Гарда-дель-Гарда, Бренцоне-дель-Гарда Бенако, Гарда

Озеро Маджоре: Бавено, Каннеро, Стреза

Верона, Милан, Мальпенса, ЛинатеБолонья, Венеция, Венеция, Бергамо Орио аль Серио, Парма, Пиза, Флоренция, Брешиа Монтикьяри

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Венето: Аллеге, Кортина д'Ампеццо, Фалькаде, Саппада

Валле-д'Аоста: Аоста, Брей-Червиния, Шамполюк, Курмайор, Грессоней, Ла-Туиль

Франция: Труа Валле, Альбервиль, Аржантьер, Шамони, Лез Уш, Серво, Куршевель

Швейцария: Санкт-Мориц, Церматт, Абельдоден, Саас-Фе, Лейзен, Клостерс, Гштаад, Ле Дьяблере, Флимс-Лаакс-Фалера, Гриндельвальд, Виллар-сюр-Оллон, Майенфельд, Вербье, Мустар, Шато д'Э, Наудерс, Давос

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